SimuLab 13: Measuring the Computer-Generated Aggregation Pattern

Close the Aggregation Kit program and call up the Fractal Dimension program. Bring up the pattern you saved from the Aggregation Kit and measure its dimension using the box method. If you saved an image from the Straight setting of walker motion, call that up and measure its dimension also.

The Fractal Dimension program offers a second way to measure the dimension of an object, the so-called circle method of HandsOn 2.2. Try out this second measurement method on your computer-generated pattern.

Q4.16: Do you get the same dimension using the circle method as using the box method?

Q4.17: Which settings of the Aggregation Kit program can produce a pattern with a fractal dimension near to that of the pattern from the electrodeposition experiment: the Straight setting or the Random setting for the way the walker moves?

Q4.18: There is always some difference between the dimension of the pattern grown in the electrodeposition experiment and the pattern grown with the Aggregation Kit. What does this difference mean? How large a difference is acceptable if the Aggregation Kit model of fractal growth is to be accepted?

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