Research Projects

Try the suggestions below, design your own, or write an essay using any of the questions throughout this unit as inspiration.

Pattern Formation

Now you have the tools needed to carry out your own investigations of electrodeposition and Hele-Shaw experiments and to investigate for yourself the computer programs. We suggest that you work with a small group and go through the following steps.

Electrochemical Deposition

Here are some possible variations of the electrodeposition experiment:

Viscous Fingering

Here are some possible variations of the Hele-Shaw experiment that you can try:

Other Research

Assemble a collection of images that may be fractals: river deltas, leaf veins, lightning strokes, nerve cells, root systems, and so forth. Estimate the fractal dimension of each one. If possible, scan the image into the computer and use the Fractal Dimension program to measure its dimension. Compare the result with your estimate.

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